Thursday, 30 October 2014

The first night at Woodstock we camped by the river had robins singing for us in the morning
the second night we stayed at a Motel that was provided for us along with meals
Thank You Kindly to those who went out of their way to do this for Shiela and me
Thank You Kindly to all for donations while we were at Woodstock
I Pray God will have blessings for all for their help


  1. I am Glad to see You and Shiela are doing well! I met you 2 while you were in Nipigon, ON.. you were taking Shiela to the Blue Berry Blast. I cant say how much I respect what you 2 are doing! it is just amazing! keep it up and stay safe!

  2. I hope I run into you and Sheila if you come to Saint John