Sunday, 28 September 2014

SHIELA and I got in to HAWKSEBURY  late at night no campgrounds to late to look for a place to camp so we slept in a park downtown I could not set my tent so I slept on a picnic table

we were going to stay at a campgrounds at a place 10 km  back but the fee for camping at LOrignal  community campground was $45  a night I would not have been able to sleep if had payed that much to set my tent for 1 night
I  would walk through HELL on SUNDAY before I would stay in this  GREEDY  community


  1. Oh my goodness, I have wonder many days about my old dear friend Frank Sapach, I would love nothing more than to touch base with Frank again and help him in any way that I can!!! He loves German Shepard dogs, they have always been his favorite and he loves them dearly!!

  2. I wan't sure if my name was going to show up or not in my first post above and seeing as I don't see it, it's Misty Schell posting about my old friend Frank :D