Tuesday, 12 August 2014

AUG 12
today we are resting at HEARST  it is cold and raining reminded me of FEB in VICTORIA  when SHIELA and I were trying to stay warm and dry out on the street
AUG 13 we will be back on the road  KAPUSKASING will be our next stop I may stop there and celebrate my birthday I will be 62 on the 13th never thought I would live this long  if I did not have SHIELA  I would likely be back in CHILLIWACK wandering around the streets going to the doctor for my pain medication every month
SHIELA made me quit drinking 3 or 4 years back she just about has my smoking habit done
and now she has me pedaling a bike across CANADA trying to keep me healthy while she rides in the trailer barking

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  1. Hi Frank,

    This is Isabelle, the local journalist you met in Hearst. Glad to see you were able to update your blog!! And by the way, Happy Birthdy!!! It was nice to meet you!