Saturday, 3 May 2014

SHIELA and I travel with a bicycle and a trailer I do not ride the bicycle I use the bicycle and trailer to haul  our supplies
When we are on the road my bicycle and trailer weigh 150 kg  sometimes more depends on the distance from one town to the next
I have a harness for SHIELA and myself  and we pull the trailer and bicycle some days SHIELA pulls the trailer and me

SHIELA  weighs 50 kg I weigh 70kg

 When SHIELA  decides to go I have to use the bicycle brakes to hold her if she gets much stronger I will not be able to holder when she has her harness on

       HI  JARED
I hope you are checking this web page  my computer got wet while I was walking also  my skills are very limited
This web site was set up by a friend in CHILLIWACK  I am not able to contact my friend at this time
I have been locked out of  FACEBOOK  and I need my friends personal info to get unlocked
I still have not learned to send  E MAIL 

My  computer tells me not to use  most of the WIFI at most places  that offer free WIFI  so I have a problem using the internet

MY  mailing address

          FRANK SAPACH
         46505 BROOKS AVE
        V2P 1C6

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